ProTronics Technologies, Inc., your Full Service Internet Solution Provider. We have a comprehensive line Internet Access products and Hosting solutions to meet all of your needs! We also specialize in data center and high-performance server solutions for telecommunications or business.

Dedicated Internet service costs more the farther you are from the provider.  Having facilities in your area allows us to concentrate on what really counts -- customer service! Imagine getting all of your computer and Internet services from one company and being right there at your fingertips when you need them! No other ISP can offer such comprehensive solutions.  From basic Internet access to wide-area-networking we have all of the solutions you need.  To further our local presence we have created the first Microwave Data network in St. Charles dedicated to Internet access. This one-of-a-kind communications network allows Internet service to be delivered nearly anywhere in St. Charles City and County.

PTI's has created a vast microwave communications network for affordable high speed Internet and WAN services.

This allows us to offer a wide range of commercial Internet services at a fraction of the cost of land line based services.  <<Learn More

PTI also provides wired access through local telecom providers that directly couple to our backbone.

These connections can be used in conjunction with our microwave access to provide single network access for multiple locations.


PTI's data center in St. Charles gives your business the best service and support available.

Services range from basic web hosting, dedicated server hosting, and full server co-location.  <<Learn More

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